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Family Owned Since 1952

We at Skinner Funeral Homes sincerely appreciate the trust that is given us everyday to serve the families in our community during their most difficult time. We thank you for taking the time to read what families have said about us and invite you to leave a comment anytime regarding the services we've offered.

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No one ever wants to contemplate the day one has to contact a funeral home. Funeral homes are somewhere in the very last place on most people's list, and if it is on that list it is written in cryptic code no one could understand. Yet, last February, I was given Skinner Funeral Homes point of contact Nathan Skinner by Hospice Care. From day one, Nathan made the whole experience at Skinner Funeral Homes in Lansing stress free and, believe it or not, pleasant. Nathan and his staff were truly extremely helpful during a difficult time. I would highly recommend Skinner Funeral Homes if the time does come.

Ed Ponist

June 06, 2016