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In addition to mourning the death of a loved one, it's equally important to hold a beautiful celebration of life for them and address all of their wishes. The funeral arrangements for a loved one after they've passed away play an important role in helping others cope with their grief. In recent times, there's been a changing trend in the way people mourn their loved ones.

Many people are opting for cremation as opposed to burials. According to CNN, data from the National Funeral Directors Association shows that over half of Americans that passed away this year will have chosen cremation over burials. In 20 years, over 80% of Americans will choose cremation over burials. The wishes of the deceased will probe the family's next steps when it comes to planning a funeral. Here are some tips to help ensure the arrangements are ideal for your family.


Make the First Call

After The death of a loved one, the first step is to let all the concerned parties know about it. They may include family, work, family lawyers, and insurance agencies. Depending on their closeness to the deceased and the role they play, some may be notified as other steps are taking place. You will also need to obtain the legal pronouncement of death by a qualified physician.


Take Them to a Funeral Home

After notifying the people concerned, the next step is to arrange for the body to be taken to a funeral home. The body cannot be kept in a hospice or hospital; it needs to be transported to a funeral home. You should choose a funeral home that is going to offer them quality services in their time of mourning. They should also discuss pricing before they settle on a funeral home.


Look for Pre-Arrangements

After settling on a funeral home, you should look at whether the deceased had any funeral pre-arrangements. This information can easily be found by consulting their family lawyers. It's increasingly becoming common for people to waive the burden of their funeral from their family and pay for it while they live. Finding such a plan saves the family lots of costs in funeral fees.


Confirm Cemetery or Cremation Plans

Selecting cemetery plans is the next step. If you or your loved one prior to their death had arranged with a certain cemetery, then you should notify them and ensure that they're ready for the day. You should also confirm with the crematorium if the deceased had chosen to be cremated. If no arrangement was made, the family should make an arrangement.


Arrange for Funeral Service and Select Memorial Products

If the deceased was a religious person, you can consult with their pastors on funeral service plans. Each family will have different arrangements for the funeral service. It's also important to determine how many services will be held and the number of people expected for each. You will also need to get the right memorial products.


With these steps followed, you're able to curate a memorable sendoff. To learn more about the funeral arrangement process, contact Skinner Funeral Homes. We'll answer your questions and help you through this difficult time.

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