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Celebration of life ceremonies have become incredibly popular in recent years. While these unique and joyful ceremonies may never replace traditional funeral services, they are still a valid option to consider when making memorial or funeral plans for a lost loved one. Ultimately, the choice of the ceremony comes down to personal preferences and what your loved one would have wanted. According to the Funeral and Memorial Information Council, around 46% of adults over the age of 40 have had conversations with their friends and family about how they'd like to be remembered during a funeral or memorial service. That said, if your loved one did not specify details about their preferences in this regard, try to remember what was most important to them to help you best memorialize them. Here are some of the benefits of a celebration of life ceremony as opposed to a traditional funeral.

1. More Flexibility

Many houses of worship and funeral homes have clear guidelines on how a funeral service will work. They typically follow an itinerary and maintain a sense of order throughout the entire service. That said, some folks prefer more flexibility. A celebration of life ceremony, on the other hand, offers you and your family the opportunity to create your own itinerary and build a ceremony that's entirely unique to your loved one.

2. A More Joyful Approach

While traditional funerals have a mournful tone, a celebration of life is focused on just that: celebration. This ceremony is designed to commemorate all that the deceased accomplished in their time on Earth. It's a way for loved ones to share the story of their deceased friend or relative and to gather together in gratitude for the blessing of knowing them.

A celebration of life ceremony typically does not have the same restrictions or level of exclusivity that a traditional funeral does. This means that there is no rigid guest list. Instead, anyone who wishes to come and pay their respects or share memories of the deceased can come and go as they please. This is especially important for public figures or people who were heavily involved in their communities. A celebration of life is a great way to allow anyone who was touched by the deceased's life to come and make that known to the remaining family.

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